Feed Additives
Feed Additives

Any substance added to feed intentionally must be approved for the respective purpose.
In the European Union for each feed additive an application including a technical dossier has to be prepared according to Regulations (EC) 1831/2003 and 429/2008. The WTC-team is well familiar with the different regulatory requirements applying to the different groups of feed additives offering the following services:

Regulatory Affairs Services
  • Review of existing data and analysis of data gaps with regard to regulatory requirements
  • Development of registration strategy and test program
  • Compilation and submission of complete registration dossiers to EU authorities
  • Literature search for data on the additive
  • Assessment of the safety of the additive
  • Expert reports
  • Compliance checks of products and ingredients
  • Compliance certification
Safety Testing Services
  • Conception, execution and management of experimental studies as needed at a testing facility of our clients’ choice:
    • physical-chemical properties
    • development  / validation of analytical methods
    • mutagenicity studies
    • toxicity studies
    • ADME studies
  • The tests will be performed according to the relevant international test guidelines, e.g. OECD, EC, FDA, etc.
  • Project Management and scientific monitoring of laboratory testing.