Professional Assistance for Chemicals Registration Worldwide

Regulatory Affairs

WTC and its network offer comprehensive services for chemicals registration globally, covering key regulatory schemes such as the EU, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, China, Australia as others.

Our Regulatory Affairs Services include expert advice on notification/registration strategies, scientific and regulatory evaluation of test data, compilation and submission of dossiers, and negotiations with regulatory agencies.

We also provide Safety Testing Services at laboratories (CRO) of our cliant's choise, covering all aspects of experimental studies including project management and scientific monitoring. Whether it’s physical-chemical properties, eco-toxicity, toxicology, or mutagenicity, our team ensures tests are performed according to relevant international guidelines.

For EU chemicals registration, we offer in-depth services including data collection, evaluation, gap analysis, and recommendations. We also offer expert statements, bridging concepts, QSAR-modeling, and hazard assessment. Our services extend to compiling the IUCLID  registration dossier, chemical safety report, and e-SDS.

Trust us as your third party, providing professional and reliable services to ensure your chemicals are registered and compliant. Contact us today to learn more.

Regulatory Compliance

Looking to register your chemicals globally or update your existing dossier and ensure compliance with regulatory schemes such as EU, USA, Canada, and more? WTConsulting offers expert Regulatory Affairs Services, including comprehensive advice, scientific evaluation, and submission of dossiers.

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