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WTConsulting is a leading consultancy offering comprehensive regulatory affairs and scientific services globally. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, we specialize in providing tailored solutions for companies in the chemical and fine chemical industries.

Our expertise includes managing global regulatory requirements, developing sustainable product strategies, market approvals and advocacy. Our commitment to quality and compliance is prerequisite for a reliable partnership with our clients seeking to navigate the complex regulatory landscape.


Non-binding consultation

With our non-binding consultation, you can gain valuable insights into regulatory compliance for your products and develop a comprehensive strategy to ensure that your products meet regulatory standards.

Overall solutions

Streamline your compliance process with comprehensive services from industry experts. Our overall solutions meet your specific needs, ensuring that your products meet regulatory standards while maximizing efficiency and sustainability.

Accompaniment during registration

Maximize your chances of successful product registration with our expert guidance and support throughout the entire registration process.

Solution finding

We provide customized solutions that meet your specific needs and requirements, ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness in achieving your goals

Regulatory Intelligence

Stay ahead of regulatory developments and market trends. We provide expert analysis of regulatory changes and help you develop sustainable strategies to navigate the market.

Compliance Certification Services

Ensure your products meet the highest regulatory standards with our Compliance Certification Services. We offer comprehensive testing and certification services to ensure your products are safe and compliant.

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Our main areas of expertise are chemicals and REACH, as well as food contact materials (FCM). Within the REACH area, we provide support and guidance on the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals in the European Union. When it comes to FCM, we offer our clients extensive knowledge and experience in the evaluation of materials that come into contact with food and beverages.

As regulations and requirements constantly evolve, we strive to remain current with the latest updates in both REACH and FCM areas. This allows us to provide our clients with accurate and timely advice, ensuring their compliance with applicable regulations and their sustainability in the market.


Chemicals / REACH

We provide comprehensive services for chemicals registration, including key regulatory schemes in the EU, USA, Canada, Japan, China, and others on request. We offer expert advice on notification/ registration strategies, test data evaluation, dossier compilation and submission, safety testing, and project management.


Food Contact Substances

Ensure food safety compliance with our expert knowledge in Food Contact Materials (FCM) compliance and their regulatory requirements. In the past 35 years, we obtained approval for hundreds of Food Contact Substances (FCS) used in plastics, paper and board, coatings, multi-layer materials, rubber, elastomers, silicones, and printing inks.

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Management Team

Our management team at WTC, comprised of regulatory experts, plays a pivotal role in providing customized compliance solutions for our clients. With their experience and leadership skills, they guide our efforts in navigating the complexities of the global marketplace.

Supported by a dedicated team of professionals, our management team ensures that our clients receive unparalleled guidance and achieve their compliance objectives with confidence, propelling their success in the industry. Together, we collaborate closely to deliver agreed results and tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each client.

Uli Wietschorke

Founder and Managing Director

Anna Leibner

Head of Chemical Registration

Dr. Claudius Grossmann

Head of Food Contact Materials

Thomas Bächler

Head of International Regulatory Compliance

Delia Bächler

Head of Business Administration

Neutral & International

Our Competences

WTConsulting GmbH offers Swiss quality consulting services in the field of International Regulatory Affairs, Environment, Health and Safety. As an independent and neutral consulting company, we are known for our flexibility, customer-centric approach, and reliability. With 35 years of regulatory experience and a global network of experts and laboratories, we are a complete service provider.


Chemicals notifications

including testing and risk assessments


Food contact substances notifications/ authorizations

including testing and safety assessments


Compliance evaluations of plastic & printing ink formulations

for food contact use


Safety assessments of plastic formulations and individual ingredients

including NIAS assessments for use in toys


Safety assessments of cosmetic ingredients

including testing strategies


Evaluations of bio-compatibility of medical devices


NIAS assessments

incl. analytical screening