Tox services for comprehensive risk assessment and compliance


At WTConsulting, our toxicology team has extensive experience in identifying and characterizing chemical hazards and assessing health risks across various legislative areas, e.g. REACH, food law (incl. drinking water legislation) and cosmetic regulation. A proven track record on risk assessments was established on a wide range of materials including monomers and additives (as stabilizers, flame retardants, etc.) for plastics, rubber, elastomers, paper, active and intelligent packaging material, recycled plastics, printing inks, etc.

Our toxicological services include establishing sound testing strategies according to current regulatory requirements and predictable regulatory developments based on a broad spectrum of in vitro, in vivo and in silico state-of-the-art methods. Our monitoring and scientific experience include in vivo studies, inter alia, short-term and repeated dose toxicity studies, reproduction and developmental toxicity studies, genetic toxicity testing and carcinogenicity studies. A track record of successful read-across and weight-of-evidence approaches to predict hazardous properties of chemicals provide a sound scientific basis for identifying chemical hazards and assessing risks to human health.

Our team further provides extensive working experience and strategic consultancy/advocacy on critical substance properties e.g. endocrine disruptors, SVHC- and CMR-substances as well as nanomaterials.

With solid experience in analytics, GxP standards and regulations (good practice quality guidelines like GLP, GMP, GDP, GCP, etc.), audits and animal welfare, WTConsulting ensures the high standard necessary for registration and notification processes as well as compliance evaluations for your products.

Regulatory Toxicology

Ensure the safety of your products with expert toxicology services. Our experienced team specializes in identifying hazards and assessing health and environmental risks, using state-of-the-art methods and programs. From test strategy development to regulatory advocacy, trust us to provide a sound scientific basis for assessing risks to human health.

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