Expertise & Services

Over the past decades, WTConsulting has specialized in providing comprehensive consulting services that help our clients navigate the complex regulatory landscape. We offer expertise in a wide range of areas. Our goal is to provide our clients with tailored solutions that meet their specific needs and ensure compliance with the latest regulations.

Neutral & international


Our main areas of expertise are chemicals and REACH, as well as food contact materials (FCM). Within the REACH area, we provide support and guidance on the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals in the European Union. When it comes to food contact materials (FCM) and substances (FCS), we offer our clients extensive knowledge and experience in the evaluation of materials that come into contact with food and beverages.

As regulations and requirements constantly evolve, we strive to remain current with the latest updates in both REACH and FCS areas. This allows us to provide our clients with accurate and timely advice, ensuring their compliance with applicable regulations and their success in the market.

Chemicals / REACH

We provide comprehensive services for chemicals registration worldwide, including key regulatory schemes in the EU, USA, Canada, Japan, China, as others. We offer expert advice on notification/ registration strategies, test data evaluation, safety testing, project management, and dossier submission.

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Food Contact Substances

Ensure compliance with food packaign material regulations using our 35+ years expert knowledge in safety testing, safety assessment, successful dossier submission on monomers and additives used in plastics, paper and board, coatings, multi-layer materials, rubber, elastomers, silicones, printing inks, etc.

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