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Cosmetics & Raw Materials

Cosmetic products must be safe for the intended use. The safety evaluation of cosmetic products is based on the safety of the ingredients. For some ingredients, i.e. coloring agents, preservatives and UV-filters exclusive positive lists apply in the European Union (Regulation (EC) 1223/2009) and petitions for inclusion of new substances have to be submitted to the European authorities. WTC performs safety assessments of final cosmetic products as well as of (new) ingredients to be used in the manufacture of cosmetic products. We also prepare and submit complete petitions for cosmetic ingredients.


Regulatory Affairs Services
  • Safety assessment of individual ingredients and of final cosmetic products
  • Compilation of technical information files (according to EU Cosmetics Regulation)
  • Development of strategies for registration and safety evaluation
  • Compilation and submission of registration dossiers for coloring agents, preservatives and UV-filters in the EU for inclusion in Regulation (EC) 1223/2009
  • Expert reports
  • Compliance certification
  • Literature search and data collection
  • Screening of formulations regarding regulatory requirements as e.g. environmental behavior
  • Coordination and archiving of technical information for authority inspection