Compliance Certification
Compliance Certification

For many products detailed requirements are laid down in specific regulations or international standards with regard to the product’s composition, e.g. positive lists or negative lists of substances that may or may not be used, quantitative limitations of substances, end test specifications etc. Consequently intermediates and/or final products have to comply with these requirements.
As neutral third party between the suppliers of raw materials and intermediates and the manufacturers of the final products at WTC we get access to (confidential) compositional information based on secrecy agreements signed among the parties. WTC will check compliance of all substances with the latest regulatory requirements and initiate compliance testing as applicable. If compliance is determined a Compliance Certificate will be issued.

Compliance Certification Services
  • Food contact materials (composition, SML, OM, QM, end tests)
  • Pharmaceutical packaging and containers (composition, EUP, USP)
  • Cosmetics (composition)
  • Toys (composition, leaching tests)
  • Medical devices (biocompatibility, leaching tests)
  • Industrial chemicals (inventory listing status)
  • Food (inventory listing status)
  • Food supplements (composition, inventory listing status)
  • Animal feed (composition, inventory listing status)